Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DG Health says: Together we can achieve 1Care for 1Malaysia in the Star

Together we can achieve 1Care for 1Malaysia

The Star, Tuesday August 17, 2010

Over the past weeks, there have been a number of articles and letters regarding the Government’s proposal to transform the healthcare system and introduce a health financing system to meet the needs of Malaysians now and in the future.

The Health Ministry has also received comments and suggestions through various blogs on the same subject. These are valuable feedback, particularly coming from the people who will be affected by any change in the health policy.

We appreciate the efforts of the media in providing coverage and bringing up the issues. More so, we thank everyone who has shared his or her opinions and concerns.

The ministry assures the public and all stakeholders that we are carefully studying these inputs and suggestions while deliberating the necessary changes to the health system.

It is universally acknowledged that there is no one perfect health system and one glove cannot fits all. Each country has to plan and decide on features that best meet the needs of the population, given the country’s resources and unique situation.

As Malaysia strives to become a high-income developed nation, we have to upgrade and adapt our health system to overcome current and future challenges. We have to enhance universal coverage, improve quality of care and health of the rakyat, ensure good financial protection for those who fall ill, strengthen governance and make certain that Malaysia’s health system remains viable and sustainable for generations to come.

The ministry will continue to apply the same careful and meticulous approach that we have used in the past and engage the public and other stakeholders. We are guided by the notion that the new healthcare delivery system must be better than the present one and retain the strengths of the present one.

It will be equitable and affordable with appropriate safety nets to protect the poor and vulnerable. Planning this transformation is a major effort and will take time. Therefore, we have to be patient.

As the various approaches begin to crystallise, we will provide more information in a timely manner.
We will continue to engage the rakyat and other stakeholders to participate in this transformation. Together we will achieve 1Care for 1Malaysia!

Director-General of Health.

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