Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bernama: Hospital ward fees for civil servants and pensioners abolished

Hospital ward fees for civil servants and pensioners abolished
Mar 10, 10 5:28pm
The government will abolish ward charges for public service officers and pensioners in government hospitals effective April 1.

Director-general of the Public Service Department (PSD) Ismail Adam said via a PSD circular the abolishment was also applicable to the family and parents.

"The abolishment does not affect the eligibility for ward as set for officers based on their grade," he said in a statement here today.

He said the eligibility for high ranking officers Grade 45-54 was First Class (single room); Grade 31-44 (First Class twin-sharing); Grade 21-30 (three to a room) and Grade 1-20 (Second class).

The eligibility for family and parents is based on the eligibility set for the officer concerned, he said.

Ward eligibility for pensioners and family members is based on the last grade of officers before they retire.

Higher class wards

Ismail said if public servants, pensioners, family members or parents request to be admitted to higher class wards from their eligibility, civil servants or pensioners need to pay the ward charges as per members of the public.

"Officers and pensioners are also to place a deposit before admission to a higher class ward according to the rate set," he said.

He said with the enforcement of the circular, the C2 clause related to eligibility and payment rate in appendix C8 of Service Circular No. 4, 2002; clause 11 related to daily ward charges in Appendix 0 Service Circular 10 1991; and Division J related to spending application for treatment abroad in Appendix B of Service Circular Clause 21 2009 were cancelled.

Ismail said the circular issued also applied to state public services, statutory bodies and local authorities.

- Bernama

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