Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Singapore Aesthetic Doc censured and fined by Singapore Medical Counci

Malaysia Mirror: Singapore Doctor censured, fined by SMC
Monday, 04 January 2010 13:35
SINGAPORE - Dr Zubin Medora, a general practitioner who was suspended from practice for six months last year, has been further censured by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) and fined S$10,000 (RM24,370) over misrepresentation to a patient that he was a fully trained and accredited specialist plastic surgeon, when he was not.

He also faced a second charge of professional misconduct over a liposuction procedure he performed on the patient.
Although the SMC's Disciplinary Committee found that the result of the surgery 'was far from satisfactory' and the manner Dr Medora had carried out the procedure 'may amount to negligence', it did not amount to professional misconduct. zubinmedora.jpg
Accordingly, the committee acquitted him on this charge.

Left with deformities
After the liposuction procedure, the patient was left with deformities and scars which required corrective surgery, including fat grafting.

Last May, a three-judge court upheld the decision by the SMC to suspend Dr Medora, 37, for six months from February after it found that he had embellished his qualifications to give the impression that he was a specialist in cosmetic surgery.

The GP had gone to court to appeal against the suspension, which followed his admission to two charges of professional misconduct at a disciplinary hearing.

Following this, Dr Medora, who practised at the Medora Centre for Aesthetic Medicine at Camden Medical Centre, was hauled up by the SMC to face a separate disciplinary inquiry over two fresh charges.

He was found guilty on the first charge for posting on his website that he was a fully trained and accredited specialist plastic surgeon, and that he had told the patient that he was a consultant in 'Cambridge', when he was not one.

Dr Medora also had to pay half the cost and expenses of the SMC proceedings.

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