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Institute of Health Systems Research 2008: MEDICAL ERRORS IN MOH PRIMARY CARE CLINICS


By Khoo EM, Sararaks S, Lee W K, Sebrina S, Liew SM, Azah AS, Rohana l, Cheong AT, Hanafiah AN, Yusof Ml, Lidwina EA, Maimunah AH, Kalsom M, Azman AB. Medical errors in MOH primary care clinics.  A Project under the Letter Of Intent for lmproving Patient Safety. [PC 2; PS 9/2008 (I13)]. Kuala Lumpur. Institute for Health Systems
Research 2008. (full pdf document available...)

- A high percentage of medical errors,
- 57.2% occur in primary healthcare sites.
- 93% of medical errors were deemed preventable.
- The majority of medical errors are related to medication
- A lack of knowledge and skills of MOH staff has been shown to contribute to medical errors.
- There is a need to improve the quality of healthcare services provided by MOH health clinics.

Detailed findings
+ 39.8% (Cl 26.6-53.0 %) of errors were likely to cause serious morbidity or mortality.
+ 93.4% (Cl 33.6-100%) of errors had strong evidence for preventability.
+ 29.0% (Cl 19.5-38.6%) Of errors were due to some form of missing documentation  whereby:
       - 54.7% (Cl 43.3-65.6%) had no documentation of physical examination.
       - 49.5% (Cl 38.8-60.2 %) had no documentation of history.
       - 43.0% (Cl 27.6-55.1%) had no documentation of problem or diagnosis.
       - 22.6% (Cl 12.8-32.4 %) of errors were due to illegibility.

- Medical assistants saw 81% of total records assessed

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Medical Errors in MOH Primary Care Clinics.pdf document


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