Monday, January 25, 2010

1Malaysia Clinics: Comments in Malaysian Medical Resources:

Dr Alan Teh's Comments in Malaysian Medical Resources:

1Malaysia Clinics

The recent introduction of the 1Malaysia clinics has more political connotations than a genuine attempt at providing quality healthcare to the poor. Clinics run by medical assistants with the minimal of equipment is to me a waste of public funds.

As a person who has worked for many years with medical assistants, I can attest to the fact that the government is toying with the health of the public in order to earn some political points.

The quality of medical assistants is suspect, from the selection of candidates to their training methods. Many of these medical assistants lack basic aptitude to practice medicine. Some are even poorly qualified. Training of medical assistants are different and hardly involves the rigours of medical schools. Their diagnostic ability is questionable.

Their role in the rural community is understandable but to allow this responsibility of managing clinics in the urban areas where doctors suffice, is tantamount to dereliction of duty by the policy makers.

Would any of our VIPs visit a medical assistant for even a simple ailment? Many would flock to ’specialists’ for the best available care. Why then are we toying with the health of the general public?

The reason of providing accessible healthcare to the urban poor is a misdirection. There are many clinics in the urban area, way too many actually. It might have been more prudent to implement schemes for the poor where their visits to the general practitioner is subsidised.

There are actually existing programmes in place via the Welfare Department to cater to these group of individuals where their healthcare is fully borne by the government. So what is the role of 1Malaysia clinics?

The name speaks for itself. Promoting a political agenda using tax payers money with total neglect of their wellbeing.

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Anonymous said...

Yeap,was surprised when i walked into a 1Malaysia clinic and found out that there were only MA and nurses there...