Friday, November 27, 2009

1Malaysia Clinics: Response to Dr Xavier's Comments

My Response to Dr Xavier's comments (21 Nov 2009)

Dear Dr Xavier,
I note the concerns in your correspondence.

However, I also wish that you would refrain from suggesting your personal viewpoints which can be discussed within the ambit of national representation in the PPSMMA, but which on their own, may also be misinterpreted by the MOH as policy agreement with your suggestions by the national MMA.

At the current point in time, the MMA is not in favour of any more regulations or imposition of conditions to be appointed GP clinics which can be accredited or accorded practice rights by the MOH.

We are working with the MOH and the Health Minister to see if all our GP clinics can be incorporated into the primary care system which will then benefit all. Of course we encourage self-CPD/CME programs to enhance the quality and standards of care, but we will not wish to be unfair to any GP/FP who may not have the necessary paper diplomas to carry out his due practice and benefits.

We cannot at this juncture jeopardise these efforts by offering only to a few who have these arbitrary paper qualifications. We believe that sufficient time, notice and effort be made, so that more and more GPs will recognise the importance of CPD/CME and thus voluntarily engage more readily into these programs. With the revised Medical Act, sufficient points earned can already be used for APC licensing and thus obviate more regulations which will encumber the GP/FP even more.

So your suggestion to limited recognition based on the FP diploma is at best very personal and premature and probably unfair and discriminatory to a whole lot of GPs out there. I reiterate that I have no personal interests in this, as I am a specialist totally uninvolved in this exercise.

I have been getting feedback from our PPS as well as from a large number of GPs, and recently through the PPSMMA NWC meeting recently. Please try and organise your ideas through the proper channels so that we can have a more collective and concerted united stand.

With best wishes and best of intentions,

Dr David KL Quek, President MMA


Dr Xavier's reply 23 Nov 2009:

Dear Dr David Quek
I am in favour of 1 Malaysia Clinics to be managed by General Practitioners. I would like the GPs to not only manage 1 Malaysia Clinics but also to manage chronic cases. 
For this we must update ourselves to manage these cases well.I have only given two examples of poor management of chronic cases.
I will present a paper of pitfalls in management of chronic cases at the next GP meeting and after that you decide for yourself whether a proper update is necessary.
This is my own opinion and not that of MMA. I hope i have made my situation very clear and i do not wish to hurt anyone.
Dr.Gnanasegaran Xavier

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