Friday, November 27, 2009

1Malaysia Clinics: President's Response, 27 Nov 2009

My latest response to Dato' Dr Thuraiappah and Dr Xavier (27 Nov 2009)

Dear Dato Thurai and Xavier,

I'm sorry if I sounded quite brusque the last time. Personally I concur with both of you and many others who feel that the GPs need to boost their capacity to be more full fledged and perhaps arguably more complete and competent primary care physicians, and that the only way forwards is to ensure that everyone undergoes CPD lifelong.

However, the reality of the ground is that most GPs are totally averse to more regulations and prescriptions of more rules which dictate what each should do to benefit from supposedly wider disbursement of primary care services.

Last night we just had a National Health Policy committee meeting, and we heard from 2 GPs, Dr Tan and Dr Krishnamurthy who were vocalising their unease with any more restrictions on their services and their livelihood.

They represent some GPs on the ground who feel that the OPD services of MOH is far worse than their anecdotal cases they have looked after. Conversely the MOH feels that our GP services thus far is also below bar. we have to find the truth in between, finding the strengths of each rather than just the weaknesses.

It is in this context that I think the MMA have to present a collective front of consensus. There are just too many disagreements right now and we all have to work towards a more persuasive atmosphere of voluntary CPD including the AFPM QIP which I have actually encouraged for some time.

But if we at all individually begin to suggest that stringent and restrictive requirements for GP involvement in the MOH distribution of its primary care patients, then we can lead to impasse and a lot of GP unhappiness, even outright revolt. So I welcome all discussions on this, but please let's have internal dialogue and try and find a way forward--some compromise will be needed on a win-win basis.

Cheers and best wishes!

Can I encourage you both to join our MyHealth Matters-MMA 2009-2011 facebook chat site?I would also include your emails for further discussions by others.

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