Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Row over seizure of low-cost drugs

Row over seizure of low-cost drugs

Low-cost drugs which have been manufactured in India and elsewhere have been confiscated by certain European Customs while on their way in transit to other countries including those from South America.

These generic drugs have been produced while the current patent laws continue to protect some of these proprietary drugs by established multinational pharma companies. Because these have not been exhausted of their intellectual property rights, they have not been allowed to be distributed via the EU. Unfortunately, until recently India did not subscribe to these IPRs, and is one of the major countries which produce huge amounts of generic drugs at very good prices...

How much should we protect such IPRs, and when do we say enough is enough? Would human lives be valued for intellectual property rights less than their risks of dying from some lifethreatening illness, sich as HIV/AIDS? How much would such branded drugs be valued to enable larger pharma companies to continue to fund innovation and research?

Just some food for thought....


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