Monday, July 20, 2009

H1N1: Singapore's first related death...

The Straits Times reported that a 49-year old Singaporean man died of a heart attack following the H1N1 flu, after 4 days. He had diabetes, hypertension and high blood cholesterol. He had developed severe pneumonia and was admitted into the ICU, but succumbed despite antiviral therapy and antibiotics.

The Star reported that, British airways has decided to check passengers for flu-like symptoms and on advice from medical doctors may bar passengers from flying. Virgin Airways has apparently been doing this, but refused comments.

29 Britons infected with the H1N1 virus had since died, as of last week. The H1N1 flu is expected to spread into the community and British health officials are preparing for the worst case scenario, with possibly up to a third of the population falling ill.

So far, there are an estimated 55,000 new cases of swine flu in Britain a week, although in the vast majority of cases the symptoms are mild.

BA says it is doing its bit to help reduce spread of the viral infection. Some 50-odd British school children were quarantined in Beijing after some 8 children had been admitted to hospital there for the H1N1 swine flu. So it is probably prudent to say home when one is ill, with influenza-like illness (ILI)...

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